Big, Blonde & Beautiful


Running Time: 
1 hr 10 mins
11 Apr 2017

Do blondes have more fun? Do gentlemen really prefer blondes? Are diamonds still a girl’s best friend?

Celebrate the music of history’s favourite golden-haired songbirds from Mae West to Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day to Dolly Parton, Agnetha from Abba to our very own Olivia Newton-John. Big, Blonde and Beautiful features iconic blonde songs from theatre and film (Oklahoma, Annie Get Your Gun, Calamity Jane, Hairspray, Mamma Mia and Grease) infused with number one pop hits spanning several decades including 9 to 5, The Winner Takes It All and I Will Always Love You. Take a tongue-in-cheek look at our fascination with the golden-locked beauties of stage and screen in a scintillating morning of fabulous music!

11 Apr - 11:00 am