The Peasant Prince


The Peasant Prince

Tim McGarry
Starring John Gomez Goodway, Jenevieve Chang, Jonathan Chan & Edric Hong, Movement Director – Danielle Micich (Force Majeure) , Designer – Michael Hankin, Lighting Designer – Sian James-Holland, Composer – Daryl Wallis, Dramaturge – Camilla Ah Kin, Script Consultant – Li Cunxin
Running Time: 
55 mins, no interval
Monkey Baa Theatre Company
27 Apr - 30 Apr 2016
Patrons’ advice: 
Ideal for 6 - 12 year olds. This performance features smoke and fog effects.

"This is your one chance. You have your dreams. Follow them! Make them come true..."

The Peasant Prince is the story of Mao’s last dancer, Li Cunxin, a peasant boy taken from a poor village to study ballet in Beijing. Inspired by his father’s tale about the little frog that wanted to get out of the deep well where he lived, to see the bigger world above, Li persevered in order to pursue his dream of a better life. For 7 years he practiced until he became the best dancer in China. By the age of 20 and after defecting to America, he became a star.

Li's happiest moment was the first time his parents were permitted to travel from China to watch him dance. In all his years of ballet training and stardom, he never forgot his family and his home

Image based on the illustration by Anne Spudvilas.

27 - 30 April
Wednesday 10.30am & 1pm 
Thursday 10.30am & 1pm 
Friday 10.30am & 1pm 
Saturday 10am & 12pm

Adults at children's prices! 
Tickets $21 each or family pass (5 tickets) $75. Transaction charges may apply.