The Wharf Revue 2017


Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsyth & Phillip Scott
Running Time: 
1 hr 30 mins (no interval)
A Sydney Theatre Company production
04 Oct - 14 Oct 2017
Australians all let us rejoice for the return of The Wharf Revue. The unstoppable comedic minds of Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe and Phillip Scott have been keeping the nation’s political and cultural leaders on their metaphorical toes since before Sydney hosted the Olympics.
In 2017, they return with an all-new, up-to-the-minute, fibre-to-the-node dose of side-splitting sketches and rib-tickling songs (BYO hyphens).
From the highs to the lows, from the good to the bad to the ugly, this will be a parade of the year’s most memorable characters and the moments they’d prefer to forget.
So, whether you want to calm your nerves or double your disillusion, we all need a fresh serve of laughter, dance and foolishness. With The Wharf Revue on its way into town, there truly has never been a more exciting time to be alive.
Musical Director: Phillip Scott
"What’s so brilliant… is how the material constantly falls between sharp, incisive satire and deliriously cheap gags."


4 Oct - 8:00 pm
5 Oct - 8:00 pm
6 Oct - 8:00 pm
7 Oct - 2:00 pm
7 Oct - 8:00 pm
8 Oct - 5:00 pm
10 Oct - 6:30 pm
11 Oct - 11:00 am
11 Oct - 8:00 pm
12 Oct - 8:00 pm
13 Oct - 8:00 pm
14 Oct - 2:00 pm
14 Oct - 8:00 pm